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We offer SD HQ pro-res files and and HD HQ pro-res files digitilisation services for preserving motion picture film materials to support Oxfordshire archive departments, museums, corporate and private clients that wish expertly scanned and indexed archive collections.

  • SD HQ pro-res files
  • HD HQ pro-res files

Our aim is to support your motion picture film archive requirements with affordable and professional services that will give you the optimum result for all your 16mm film and 35mm film needs. Contact our studio on 01865 457000 for a quotation.

16mm Roll Film Oxford


Most 16mm and virtually all 8mm film used by amateur and independent filmmakers isacetate (or more properly cellulose acetate propionate or cellulose triacetate). Acetate is commonly called 'safety' film (as is polyester) because it does not have the combustible qualities that nitrate film has, and therefore was considered to be safe for use in homes.

There are crucial chemical differences between black & white and color film. In black-and-white films the image is made of silver metal particles. The silver image is very stable compared to other film components such as color dyes, and not likely to fade unless it is exposed to high humidity, contaminants or was improperly processed.

All 1080p film transfers are delivered as 10 bit ProRes 422 .mov files. ProRes 422 .mov files (10 Bit) offer visually lossless images with efficient compression that produces excellent 1080p performance. The frame rate of the film is the frame rate of the file. For example, a film shot at 18fps will have a frame rate of 18fps in the ProRes 422 file (not 29.976 fps with a pulldown). This yields a perfect 1 to 1 relationship between film frame and electronic frame. ProRes 422  files have a variable data rate based on the frame rate of the film.


Audio Video Image and Document Duplication and Digitisation Services for Corporate, Historical and Consumer Clients.

Contact: 01865 457000 A: 29 Rear Part Banbury Road Kidlington OX5 1AQ H: Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm Friday 9am - 3pm

Same Day Service Will Occur an Additional 20% Charge on the Existing Price. All Prices Exclude VAT @20%

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