Audio Duplication at Oxford Duplication Centre

LP / Vinyl Record to CD 33 1⁄3 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM

Your records will be cleaned prior to transfer so that they will sound as good as possible. We use professional, high-quality turntables to ensure the best quality transfer.  All audio is recorded onto the highest grade CDs with digital files FLAC WAV or MP3 to suit your digital requirements.

LP to CD -  audio transfer services UK - 78 to CD: We are transferring decades-old vinyl into FLAC WAV o MP3s that can be streamed, downloaded or burned to a customized CD.

12" LPS 12" EPS 7" Singles 7" EPS 78 RPM Discs Voice O Graphs Cassette Tapes Reel to Reel Tapes Mini Discs Mico Cassettes, Audio Laser Disc Conversion Audio Reel to Reels Audio DAT Tapes Umatic Tapes 78 Vinyl, 33.3 Vinyl & LPS Voice O Graphs Audio Restoration.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems are widely recognised as one of the finest turntable manufacturers in the world. Using the very best in Pro-Ject Audio Systems using electronic speed control for 33/45 RPM Manual speed change to play at 78 RPM.  Perfect for professional audio transfers for corporate and consumer clients.


Our services are highly recommended and extend to not only consumer clients,
but historical archives and private collections.

Prices include premium quality audio transfer, editing and authoring services.
Our engineers process to National Archives specification standards.

Contact cheryl@oxfordduplicationcentre.com or contact 01865 457000.
SERVICE INFORMATION 1+ 5+ 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+
Vinyl LP Records LP or 33prm Standard 25.00 20.00 18.00 16.00 14.00 12.00
Vinyl 12" Singles 1-2 Tracks 18.00 14.00 12.00 10.00 8.00 6.00
Vinyl 7" 45rpm Singles 1-2 Tracks 12.00 8.00 6.00 4.00 4.00 4.00
78rpm Voice Records Shellac 30.00 25.00 22.50 20.00 17.50 15.00
78rpm Pathe Records Shellac 30.00 25.00 22.50 20.00 17.50 15.00
LP Cover Artwork - Scan/Print to Jewelcase Scanning & Printing 8.00 6.00 4.00
USB Sticks 8GB 8.00 8.00 8.00
Additional CD Copies Duplication 5.00 5.00 5.00

All vinyl are professionally cleaned, converted using superior turntables and captured in HQ digital formats to suit your requirements. Each digital file is then passed through Izotope, the worlds premier audio archival restoration suite, to remove unnecessary sounds, clicks, pops and associated noise.

Output can be FLAC, WAV, AIFF, MP3 or CD

We are highly recommended by leading archive companies and corporations
to include 1000's of private clients.

High quality audio cassette conversion to WAV MP3 files or audio CD. Conversion includes general audio repair of noise, crackle, hiss removal and basic tape repair if required.

VINYL TO CD ARTWORK We can scan the artwork, design, duplicate and package to present you with a lovely finished product.

Scanning and Design of Artwork £4.00 CD Copies to include Booklet and Printed CD £8.50 each All prices exclude VAT @ 20%.   Audio Repair on Vinyl Records in Oxford UK


Audio Post Production Oxfordshire UK

Audio Post Production

We support our clients in creating and delivering digital media support through creative processes to bring together the best out of your Audio footage. Our post production staff can piece together your audio projects ready for marketing.

Audio Restoration Oxfordshire UK

Audio Restoration

We are specialists in audio Restoration and transcribing. From complicated audio to general clean ups, we can take your audio in which ever format and restore to an acceptable balance that is suitable for your requirements.

Vinyl LPs Voice O Graphs to Digital Files or CDs Oxfordshire UK

Vinyls LPS 78's Voice O Graphs

Professional studio quality vinyl transfers to WAV, MP3 or AIFF files. From rare 78's, LPs, EPs, Albums, Voice O Graph we can convert using our Pro-Tools set up and prepare stunning audio transfers.

Audio Tape Cassettes to Digital File Oxfordshire UK

Audio Tape Cassettes

Professional audio tape transfers to include micro cassettes. From 1 unit to the 100's. To CD or digital files. Printed CDs of family photos can ensure a beautiful bespoke present. Perfect for corporate or private clients.

Audio DAT Tapes to Digital File Oxfordshire UK

Audio DAT Tapes

Digital Audio Tape (DAT or R-DAT) is a signal recording and playback medium developed by Sony and introduced in 1987. Like most formats of videocassette, a DAT cassette may only be recorded and played in one direction, unlike an analog compact audio cassette.

Audio Reel to Reel Conversion to digital or CD Oxfordshire UK

Audio Reel to Reel Tapes

Nothing quite matches the pure, warm tones of open-reel magnetic tape. But working reel-to-reel players are few and far between. It's time to fast forward to the present. Everyday we’re converting thousands of feet of audio reels to digital, preserving audio so that you can listen to it again and again.

Our offices are open to clients by appointment Monday to Thursday 8am-4pm Friday 8am - 3pm

Our offices and large customer parking are located at the back of our premises, 29b Rear Part Banbury Road, Kidlington OX5 1AQ, behind the large green building attached, opposite Benmead Road.

Contact Us 01865 457000 or email cheryl@oxfordduplicationcentre.com